Recent Victory for Homeowners

TRK won a recent victory in favor of real property owners against a homeowners association.  The association sought to impose an impermissible ban on short terms rentals, exorbitant rental fees, and restrictions on access to common areas.  After extensive litigation, we received summary judgment invalidating the restrictions and awarding attorneys’ fees of approximately $80,000. To [...]

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JANUS: What Happen’s Next by William F. Ryan, Jr., Esq.

William F. Ryan, Jr., Esq. from Tabner, Ryan & Keniry, LLP wrote a piece in The Reporter for the Association of School Business Officials of New York.  Mr. Ryan highlights the facts of the Janus decision and what it means for municipal employers.  Click the link below to view the article.  Contact us or comment [...]

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Acquisition Deal

Congratulations to business litigation lawyers William F. Ryan, Jr. and Keith M. Goldstein for their superior advice in a multi-million dollar acquisition between Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments, as seller and Wentworth Management Services, LLC, as purchaser.  Read the details concerning the acquisition by clicking here.

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TRK Whistleblowers

Judge Orders Mt. Sinai Hospital to Settlement Conference in Whistleblower Case. On May 16, 2017, Judge Richard M. Berman, of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, issued a decision and order in a healthcare fraud whistleblower case against New York City - based Mount Sinai Hospital, denying, in part, [...]

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Family Court Appellate Victory

In a recent victory, the appellate court reversed a family court decision that had unreasonably limited a mother’s parental rights. In that decision, the family court granted the child’s paternal grandparents visitation after the child’s father passed away.  The child’s mother sought to modify the order by reducing the grandparents visitation with the child.  The [...]

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Save the Date!

Thomas R. Fallati will be one of the panelists for the Investigating and Preventing Employee Misconduct: From Cybersecurity to Fraud program, being held on April 6, 2017 at the Shaker Ridge Country Club from 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.  Learn more about the panelists by Clicking here. You can register for the event by Clicking [...]

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Association of Towns Conference – 2017

Bill Ryan and Brian Quinn attended the Association of Towns Conference in New York on Sunday February 19, 2017.  The firm has been attending the Association of Towns Conference for the past twenty years. The Association of Towns was established in 1933.  The Association serves town governments by providing trainging programs, legal services, research, technical assistance [...]

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How Do I Challenge a Will? – Part II Practice Tips

Part II: Practice Tips Requesting and Preparing for the SCPA 1404 Examination in New York To challenge a will, you have the option to file objections either on or before the return date of the probate citation or after a SCPA 1404 examination. You must generally make this election on or before the first appearance. [...]

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How Do I Challenge a Will?

Many litigation attorneys are afraid of Surrogate’s Court. They may not understand the SCPA or how to initiate the proceedings. They may not even know what a complaint is called in Surrogate’s Court. Don’t worry! This blog series will guide you through the process. As you will see, it is a lot easier than you [...]

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What Is The Merger Doctrine?

In New York, a person may be found guilty of false imprisonment and in some cases even kidnapping when he restrains or moves a person to another place (see Penal Law §§ 135.00 [1], [2]; 135.05; 135.20). Some defense attorneys have argued that the technical application of these statutes is too broad. They could arguably [...]

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