Putting Our Experience and Reputation to Work For You

Putting Our Experience and Reputation to Work For You

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Over One Million lines of Federal and New York State Procurement Laws and Regulations . . . We Read Them So That You Don’t Have To

The federal government’s annual acquisition of services, supplies and construction accounts for over $500 billion in expenditures, and State and Local governments issue procurements for billions more annually. Were it that these solicitations did not come with strings attached. At best non-compliance can leads to reissuing solicitations, while other lapses in policies and procedures can result in worse.

More than ever, the volume of publicly available information accessible via the Internet has fueled an acceleration of claims by unsuccessful bidders challenging governmental procurement decisions.

We regularly help municipalities develop fair procurement processes, identify funding opportunities and manage bidding processes, all while remaining compliant with federal and state procurement laws and regulations.

Our procurement services frequently involve:

  • Design and Construction of Public Facilities and Infrastructure Projects
  • Garbage
  • Facility Operations
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Zoning & Planning Services


William F. Ryan, Jr.
William F. Ryan, Jr.
Senior Partner
William J. Keniry
William J. Keniry