Putting Our Experience and Reputation to Work For You

Putting Our Experience and Reputation to Work For You

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Commercial Lending & Work-Out

We Get Commercial Lending & We Speak “Bank”

Borrowing & Lending:
Great bank lawyers understand the economics of lending and how privately held businesses operate, from their cash flow cycles to CapEx requirements to the occasional pivot. They structure credit facilities which afford entrepreneurs the flexibility to operate their business, while simultaneously placing guard rails around borrowers to keep them on track. Exceptional representation means being entrepreneurial and practical, albeit within customary boundaries for regulated financial institutions.

Our decades of experience representing banks, together with our DNA as entrepreneurs and CFOs, uniquely positions us to manage lending relationships.

We support our banking clients through access to our proprietary, cloud hosted software application (Tarvos), which fully automates the production of complex bank documents, including underwriting memorandums, commitment letters and sophisticated term, construction, C&I and ABL credit facilities.

Restructurings/Creditors Rights:
Despite best intentions, business does not always go to plan. Borrowers need to restructure loans and banks need lawyers to get their collateral back. We do both, and have done so for years, as business owners, restructuring officers and court appointed receivers, and in work-out, litigation, foreclosure and otherwise pre-bankruptcy.

When you need advisors who have seen bear markets and know how to prepare a financial statement, you know where to find us.


William F. Ryan, Jr.
William F. Ryan, Jr.
Senior Partner
Eric N. Dratler