Can a Municipality Set Off a Tax Refund by Unpaid Real Property Taxes?

The state appellate court recently decided valuations for 21 real properties located in the Town of Ulster.  The appeal involved a massive record and a multi-million dollar tax assessment. After the dust settled, the appellate court reduced several of the assessments, holding that the properties had been overvalued (see Matter of AG Props. of Kingston, [...]

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Whistleblower Law Team Established – Thomas R. Fallati of TRK Law, Albany NY, joins the alliance.

Former Prosecutors Join Forces Carrying On American Tradition Representing Whistleblowers - Thomas R. Fallati of TRK Law, Albany NY July 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Four former federal prosecutors announced today the formation of a strategic law firm alliance called the Whistleblower Law Team, which utilizes their Government experience and knowhow in different geographic jurisdictions. The team [...]

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Jury Trial Victory for Our Business Litigation Lawyers

Business litigation attorneys in Albany, NY, Brian Quinn and Bill Ryan, recently concluded a two day jury trial in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York at which time the jury returned a verdict in favor of the firm’s client, Richmor Aviation.  Richmor Aviation was sued under a breach of [...]

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Recent Victories!

Tabner, Ryan & Keniry, LLP recently settled three cases of significant value. The first case involved a motor vehicle collision for which attorney William J. Keniry settled for $900,000.00. The second case involved a hazing matter for which attorney William F. Ryan, Jr. collected $400,000.00. The third case involved a wrongful death action for which attorney [...]

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Brian Quinn to Serve as Saratoga County Appellate Defender

In March 2016, Saratoga County appointed Brian Quinn of Tabner, Ryan & Keniry, LLP to serve as the Saratoga County Appellate Defender.  In this role, he will provide appellate attorney services to clients of the Public Defender's Office and the Conflict Defender's Office.  He is excited about the position and will use this opportunity to improve [...]

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Accounting Malpractice Claim Victory

Tabner, Ryan & Keniry, LLP won an appeal concerning an accounting malpractice claim.  The case involves a Town employee’s embezzlement of over $400,000.  Tabner, Ryan & Keniry, LLP commenced the action against the accountant who failed to uncover the embezzlement.  The trial Court denied the accountant’s motion for summary dismissal of the malpractice claim.  In an outstanding victory, the [...]

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TRK and The Cullen Law Firm Obtain Ruling Declaring NYS Tax Unconstitutional

In a class action challenging New York State’s Highway Use Registration and Decal taxes, New York State Supreme Court Justice James H. Ferreira ruled that the taxes are unconstitutional. Tabner, Ryan & Keniry, LLP and Washington, D.C. – based The Cullen Law Firm, PLLC represent the plaintiffs. The class consists of out-of-state operators who have [...]

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Criminal Appeal Victory

In a recent victory, the appellate court reversed a criminal conviction in People v Magee.  There, the defendant was sentenced to 12 years in prison based on a drug sale conviction.  The prosecution, however, improperly relied upon evidence concerning the defendant’s criminal propensity to commit other crimes.  The appellate court agreed that the introduction of [...]

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Tax Certiorari Victory

Municipal law attorney, William F. Ryan, Jr., is known for his outstanding work in defending municipalities in Tax Certiorari matters.  One of his most recent victories was in Benderson 85-1 Trust v. The Board of Assessment Review for the Town of Ulster; The Assessor of the Town of Ulster and the Town of Ulster, New [...]

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Business Officials’ Contracts

In Averbach v. Board of Education of the New Paltz Central School District, 147 A.D.2d 152 (1989) an Assistant Superintendent for Business was appointed to a probationary term of employment pursuant to Education Law Section 3012(1)(b) under a three year written contract. The appointee was discharged prior to expiration of the contract term without being [...]

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