Putting Our Experience and Reputation to Work For You

Putting Our Experience and Reputation to Work For You

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Criminal Appeal Victory


In a recent victory, the appellate court reversed a criminal conviction in People v Magee.  There, the defendant was sentenced to 12 years in prison based on a drug sale conviction.  The prosecution, however, improperly relied upon evidence concerning the defendant’s criminal propensity to commit other crimes.  The appellate court agreed that the introduction of the evidence deprived the defendant of a fair trial, concluding that propensity evidence should generally be excluded because it distracts and induces a jury to convict a defendant because of his or her past.  The appellate court determined that the defendant was entitled to a new trial.

Brian M. Quinn, Esq., briefed and argued the appeal.  He has extensive appellate experience and handles both criminal and civil appeals.

The complete Decision of the Court can viewed by clicking below.

Memorandum and Order