Trusts & Estates Litigation

Trust and Estate Planning Controversies


“Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.” - Ambrose Bierce

The disputes which arise out of estate plans, improper execution of wills and trusts, competency, undue influence and imprudent stewardship of assets, and related claims, are uniquely challenging to pursue.

The reason is that while there may be many law firms that practice estate planning, and many firms who litigate generally, there are very few lawyers who have a deep enough understanding of medicine and psychiatry, tax, New York Estates Powers and Trusts Law, New York Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act and evidentiary standards to be able to assess these complex matters and win.

Over decades, we have accumulated the unique experience to do so, pursuing and defending matters on behalf of Trusts, Estates, Trustees, Executors, children, spouses, beneficiaries, distributees, charities, hospitals and individual and institutional trustees throughout New York State and Massachusetts.

We undertake our work with empathy and experienced shrewdness.

To view some of our experiences and insights, please visit our blog which focuses exclusively on this area of practice.


Our Trust and Estate legal team successfully objected and protected a family from probate of a will produced by undue influence

Our Trust and Estate litigation team very favorably settled an objection to a will that left an estate to our client - a non-relative home health caregiver

Our Trust and Estate litigation team ensured that this large estate was distributed in a manner consistent with the Decedent’s intentions, despite passing without a will