Tax Certiorari


$4.5 Billion in Unfunded Mandates from the New York State Legislature = Highest Local Property Taxes in the Nation

90% of local property taxes go to pay for unfunded mandates passed by the New York State Legislature, leaving only 10% of tax levies available to fund maintenance of local infrastructure and resident services. Municipalities and school districts are on the front lines of the conflict between our State Legislators’ unrestrained spending habits and property owners’ need to control an unsustainable rate of inflation in local property taxes. Vigorously challenging property tax proceedings is the last line of defense for local public officials to maintain the solvency of our municipalities.

Westchester, Rockland and Nassau Counties rank 1st, 2nd and 6th in the highest property taxes in the United States, with New York having the 3rd highest property taxes as a state nationally, only eclipsed by New Jersey and Connecticut.

Tax certiorari proceedings are the stage on which municipalities, school districts and property owners battle over the tax assessments which towns require to provide essential services and which property owners fight to control costs. We have successfully represented parties in tax certiorari proceedings for decades, defending assessment values when representing municipalities, challenging assessments when representing commercial property owners.

We understand the process and represent clients all across New York State at every stage of proceedings, from grievance day through trial.


We successfully tried the Brookdale Assisted Living Tax Certiorari