Sewer Districts


Preserving the millions of miles of sewer lines in the US

There are over 800,000 miles of public sewers and 500,000 miles of private lateral sewers connecting private property to public sewer lines in the United States . . . and they require maintenance and care. We understand the overlapping federal, New York, county and local laws, together with Health Department regulations and the considerations which affect care, formation, expansion and consolidation of these critical infrastructure resources.

The magnitude of the challenges which our local municipalities face to preserve the these assets cannot be overstated. The average age of New York City's 6,400 miles of sewage mains is approximately 84 years, of which nearly 4,000 miles are made of vitreous clay. These older, earthenware pipes are more susceptible to cracking, blockage and groundwater infiltration, then newer building materials.

Over the coming decades, municipalities will confront greater and greater challenges to remain ahead of the curve in the care of these hidden resources, many of which only become apparent to residents when they fail . . . in very public view.


We consolidated four sewer districts in Schodack, NY

We provided counsel to improve Columbia County wastewater pollution control system