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Professional Licensing


We know ethics.

We actively defend licensed professionals, including attorneys, engineers, medical doctors and judges, against allegations of professional misconduct and ethical violations. Our experience in this area is exceptional and our approach is simple . . . We listen, we think and we act.

We have previously served as counsel to ethical boards themselves and been involved in character and fitness investigations for several generations. We are the only law firm in the Third Judicial Department to have two partners serve two full terms at the Attorney Grievance Committee, with each serving as its Chairperson.

We understand what it means to have a regulator attack your license and your business. Credible and sensible advocacy in this area is discrete and private. We work smartly to maintain confidentiality.

We understand that it makes no sense to take chances. We know what a likely outcome is from the outset and we focus on that in our representation. Your professional license and reputation are too important for you to face professional misconduct charges without competent representation.