Trusts & Estates Litigation

Objections To Wills And Trusts


Disinheritance often gives rise to a challenge to the will or trust, as do estate plans with unintended or unexpected asset distributions. In these instances, it is appropriate to question the validity of the will or trust and challenge the process by which it was developed. Typical challenges include lack of mental capacity and undue influence, defective document signing or fraud.. Having an attorney with experience dealing with these issues is essential.

We understand the procedure and substantive law in Surrogate’s Court. We also have practical litigation and negotiation skills to produce results. We know how to gather evidence, frame issues, examine witnesses, engage in motion practice, and present a winning case at trial. We are the attorneys you want to mount a successful attack on the estate.

Several potential challenges to wills and trusts and fiduciary conduct are described in the following Results.

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Will/Trust Challenge: Mental Capacity

Will/Trust Challenge: Undue Influence

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