Trusts & Estates Litigation

Fiduciary And Trust & Estate Defense


What happens when you get sued for exercising sound judgment and proper fiduciary conduct?

Claims against fiduciaries and trusts and estates are often entirely unfounded. Aggressively prosecuting the defense of these cases and protecting the integrity of an estate plan and assets from interloping predators helps send a message. Following the death of a loved one, the last thing many people want to deal with is lengthy litigation over their assets and possessions. The right counsel can make this unfortunate situation easier on those involved.

We frequently defend Estates, Executors, and the work of attorneys who created the estate plan itself and witnessed execution of the will or trust. We often support and assist a client’s long-standing family attorney or estate planning attorneys in this practice area. We work to protect and preserve those relationships and to ensure that a person’s intentions are respected after they have passed away.

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Our fiduciaries defense team successfully defended a trustee against a guardian who filed many objections

Successful accounting proceedings and probate contests

We represented the trust and estate fiduciaries as special counsel for a trust of over $50 million

Our trust attorneys examined the fiduciary and valuation of a complicated estate to reach settlement

We successfully defended a will signed under Mental Hygiene Article 81 in Surrogate’s Court