Trusts & Estates Litigation



“He who represents himself has a fool for a client” – Abraham Lincoln

We regularly represent clients in accounting proceedings. Our fiduciary clients include corporate fiduciaries, executors, administrators, receivers, trustees, and powers of attorneys. We have defended fiduciaries from meritless claims of misconduct and abuse. We have successfully established in court the entitlement to very substantial fees for trustees. We have successfully defeated creditor claims, proven unique, obscure and complicated valuations and defended complicated accountings.

We have also successfully prosecuted fiduciaries for questionable conduct. In these cases, we often represent beneficiaries or creditors. We know how to understand and scrutinize the facts and figures in a fiduciary accounting. We pick apart accountings often prepared by a clerk, accounting software or someone with no knowledge of the facts and rules.

We understand income, expenses and valuation of assets. We know what expenses and fees are appropriate and which ones are objectionable.

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Successful accounting proceedings and probate contests

Our trust attorneys examined the fiduciary and valuation of a complicated estate to reach settlement

Our fiduciaries defense team successfully defended a trustee against a guardian who filed many objections