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Our Trust and Estate legal team successfully objected and protected a family from probate of a will produced by undue influence

The Decedent signed his will with a comprehensive estate plan under the supervision of a well respected estate planning attorney. It provided benefit for his children and grandchildren and a disabled adult son. After the Decedent died, one of his sons announced to the other members of the family that what they believed was the Decedent’s last will, was not his last will. The son produced another later will that provided that the entirety of the estate was to go to him. We developed evidence to show that this will was the result of undue influence practiced on the Decedent by that son. We also commenced a proceeding to recover assets that were retitled into the son’s name before the Decedent’s death.

We were successful in all respects. We restrained and froze all of the accounts in that son’s name. For the family members, we were successful in recovering those assets that had been retitled as well as substantially all of the estate assets. A supplemental needs trust was also funded to benefit the disabled adult son.