We are a preeminent New York law firm with a track record of proven results for over 50 years.

Recent Victories!

Tabner, Ryan & Keniry, LLP recently settled three cases of significant value.

The first case involved a motor vehicle collision for which attorney William J. Keniry settled for $900,000.00.

The second case involved a hazing matter for which attorney William F. Ryan, Jr. collected $400,000.00.

The third case involved a wrongful death action for which attorney William F. Ryan, Jr. attained a settlement in the amount of $280,000.00.

Tabner, Ryan & Keniry, LLP has built a solid reputation for excellence in client service. Throughout the course of our practice, we have focused our attention on aggressively representing clients in various litigation matters. Our goal is to secure financial compensation for our clients while providing them with outstanding representation tailored to each client's needs.