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We recovered a substantial settlement during trial from an orthopedist for a young client who lost his leg

Our client was young and enjoyed riding his motorcycle. One day he was walking at work and felt his knee buckle, but there was no accident and he did not fall. He obtained treatment and it did not get better so he went to an orthopedic specialist. That Doctor treated him for an extended time and did surgery without ever having first prescribed range of motion and strengthening exercises. He continued with surgeries without having first done an MRI. Our client trusted him and the Doctor continued to perform surgeries on our client’s leg. The surgeries did not help and made him worse. Ultimately, his leg was amputated.

He and his family consulted with us. In sworn testimony we proved that the Doctor was simply doing surgery, sometimes surgeries that he had never undertaken before in practice, simply to try them out. We proved that the surgeries that he prescribed and undertook had no likelihood of success and that if the care and treatment had been a home exercise program and physical therapy, our client would not have had his leg removed. At trial, the Doctor settled and we recovered a very substantial sum of money for our client.