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Our medical malpractice law team successfully sued an orthopedist in a case of negligence

Our client was walking her dog and slipped and fell on ice. She sought care and treatment from an orthopedic surgeon who performed an open reduction and internal fixation of her fractured leg. It was not healing appropriately and there was a nonunion of the bone. The orthopedic surgeon kept treating her as her leg worsened. He took out the hardware and she did not get better. Her leg was looking bad. The orthopedist prescribed some antibiotics. She did not become better and almost lost her leg.

We worked with our experts and demonstrated that the Doctor failed to timely diagnose an infection and that when he did, he treated it with the wrong antibiotic, as he never ordered basic tests that show the particular infecting germ and the proper antibiotics that kill it. Our client had needlessly suffered in great pain and almost lost her leg because of this.

We sued the Doctor and in his testimony we were able to obtain admissions from him that he did not know of the infection when he should have and that when he did, he did not treat it correctly. We recovered a very substantial sum of money for our client and her family.