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We obtained a significant sum of money for an Olympic athlete who was injured by track workers during training

Our client was an Olympic skeleton athlete training at the sports center in Lake Placid, when as she was sliding down the race course at about 70mph, she collided with two track workers who were sweeping the track. The collision was so violent that they were thrown from the course, their boots and gear were knocked off them, and our client was very seriously injured.

We sued the state and the Olympic Regional Development Agency. We took the testimony of one of the worker’s in prison, where he remained for an unrelated matter. We were able to elicit testimony from him admitting that he and his coworkers had little to no meaningful warning of a racer on the track, no proper training, poor equipment and that they had smoked marijuana that morning on their way to work shortly before the accident happened. We obtained a very favorable and significant sum of money from the state for our client.