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We prevailed against a doctor failing to diagnose and treat skin cancer with testimony from prominent cancer microsurgeons

Our client was an older gentleman, fair haired and blue eyed. Over his lifetime, he had very successfully managed controlled skin cancer. When his Doctor retired, he began to receive care and treatment from a plastic surgeon. He complained to the Doctor of a condition on his neck. This went on for a time. The Doctor was dismissive of his complaints. He sought another opinion that diagnosed cancer that had been growing for some time.

We sued the Doctor and fought the case every step of the way. We undertook and completed the trial testimony of two of the world’s most prominent cancer microsurgeons at the Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital. During the court proceedings the defendant Doctor, who was very wealthy, filed a petition in bankruptcy seeking to derail our client’s case. We opposed his bankruptcy during the proceedings of our case and obtained a federal court order allowing and directing the case against the Doctor to proceed. The defendant Doctor ultimately settled and the insurance company paid our client and the family a very substantial sum of money.