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Corporate, Shareholder and Partnership Litigation

We offer over five decades of experience providing discrete professional and sophisticated representation for business clients. Our corporate litigation practice zealously represents the financial and sensitive interests of businesses involved with litigation. We understand and serve the unique demands of each business situation. We know that the business environment is competitive and we are sensitive to the refrain: We need it done now!

The hallmark of our business practice is to anticipate issues before they arrive. When there is a sense of threats of exposure and liability clients rely upon members of our firm to act swiftly and efficiently. In these circumstances the first move is often critical. The distinguishing ability of our firm is that our attorneys are uniquely capable. In some cases we are the first in court to obtain a restraining order or injunction against a breaching shareholder, former employee or business competitor. In other instances we solve problems before the court intervention is required by skilled negotiation and immediate results. Over many future years, our firm will guide you step by step, ensuring that the formation and continuation of your business will occur efficiently and effectively.

In this practice area it is not uncommon for us to work together with your tax, accounting and other business professionals. We can help. We are very cooperative team players.


A significant part of our practice involves consultation with and representation of other professionals and persons engaged in business as co-partners. Our experience in this practice area makes us uniquely capable. We provide partners with a secure sense of the rules and comfortable consultation, knowing that if a partnership dispute occurs we will sue the offending partner for breach or vigorously defend a claim.

In this practice area we enjoy a distinct advantage. We negotiate to the extent possible to bring about a prompt and efficient and positive result for the client. If our efforts do not produce the result due to the actions or lack of good faith of the other party we vigorously sue and prosecute partnership disputes to conclusion. We do not level mere empty threats of a lawsuit, we sue breaching or expelled partners. Common examples in our practice include:

  • Co-owners of real property;
  • Co-owners of businesses; and
  • Co-partners engaged in the professional practices of
    • Medicine;
    • Engineering;
    • Law; and
    • Accounting


Derivative Actions result when an officer, director or shareholder breaches his or her fiduciary duty. Effected shareholders are entitled to pursue an action that will ultimately protect their interests.

We are actively engaged in shareholder litigation in both state and federal courts. Every case is different. From time to time, we represent the minority shareholders complaining about oppression, fraud, freeze-out, among other grounds often forming the basis for dissolution of the company. In other cases we represent the majority. We often defend majority shareholders, management and corporations in proceedings involving establishing the value of stock.


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