Our firm excels in handling cases at the appellate level. We handle appeals in both state and federal courts. Our experience includes complex matters involving substantial issues of law. We also have experience in special proceedings before appellate courts for stays and other relief.

We have several appellate attorneys with extensive appellate experience in both state and federal courts. Two of our attorneys served as law clerks for the New York State Court of Appeals, the highest court in New York State. One of our attorneys has appeared several times before the Second Circuit, the federal appeals court in New York, first as a federal prosecutor and since then in private practice.

Our appellate experience is broad, touching on cases within all of our practice areas. Just some of our recent appellate matters have involved breach of contract, real estate litigation, corporate dissolution and other commercial matters, municipal law and civil service law, as well as personal injury suits and medical malpractice matters.

Recent successful appeals include:

Laker v Association of Prop. Owners of Sleepy Hollow Lake, Inc., AD3d (3d Dept 2019) (real property and contract law).

People v Hulstrunk, 163 AD3d 1177 (3d Dept 2018) (criminal law).

Matter of Twin Bay Vil., Inc., 162 AD3d 1265 (3d Dept 2018) (receivership).

Matter of Jewett, 145 AD3d 1114 (3d Dept 2016) (accounting proceeding).

Town of Kinderhook v Vona, 136 AD3d 1202 (3d Dept 2016) (accounting malpractice claim).

Matter of Highbridge, 2014 NY Slip Op 07216 (3d Dept 2014) (tax certiorari).

Matter of Lally, 2013 NY Slip Op 8313 (3d Dept 2013) (wills, trusts and estates).

Matter of Sunburst Assoc., Inc., 106 AD3d 1224 (3d Dept 2013) (corporate law).

Derusha v. Sellig, 92 AD3d 1193 (3d Dept 2012) (medical malpractice).

Devine v Meili, 89 AD3d 1255 (3d Dept 2011) (real estate).

Matter of Ricket v Mahan, 82 AD3d 1565 (3d Dept 2011) (town law).

Richmor Aviation, Inc. v Sportsflight Air, Inc., 82 AD3d 1423 (3d Dept 2011) (contract law).

Matter of DiSiena, 103 AD3d 1077 (3d Dept 2013) (wills, trusts and estates).

Matter of Kowalczyk v Town of Amsterdam Zoning Board of Appeals, 95 AD3d 1475 (3d Dept 2012) (zoning law).

Saia v Saia, 91 AD3d 1110 (3d Dept 2012) (divorce).


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